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Here are just a few of the projects I completed as lead technical director

Full production

I made some modest but elegant display cases for vintage books and Renaissance portraiture, tidy accents are given here by layered vinyl applications with different textures, and the graphics are authentically printed directly onto the walls.
All the enclosures were produced and maintained within the requirements of preventive conservation.

Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Curator: Viktoria Markowa
Architect: Anna Kamenskih
Production: Me

Full production

I built a pavilion for the exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of the rock opera Juno and Avos. 
I was lucky enough to work on this project with one of my favorite artists, Irina Korina. The project was transformed several times due to covid constraints. We got the last drawings from the architects literally on the construction site, picking up the idea and design on the fly.
Thanks to my wonderful team, we completed the full production run in just 9 days.

Artist: Irina Korina

Curator: Dmitry Khvorostov

Architect: Ilya Voznesensky

Production: Me

Technical Director

In this project I acted as technical director, i.e. I coordinated the work of the developers and technical contractors, and in critical cases I acted as a reserve force to eliminate problems. Throughout the project, I was involved in the development of technical solutions and provided logistics and quality control. The stand was set up as part of a forum for the exchange of experience between authorities, architects, urbanists and citizens, organized by one of the largest mortgage banks.

Architect: Planet 9

Producer: Simpateka Entertanment Group
AV: BSS Group

Development: Art Drive 

Technical Director

In this project, I was responsible for preparing the design for the sculpture installation, site selection, production of the foundation slab, and installation of the sculpture. I coordinated the sculpture manufacturer, the operating company, the construction and design organizations.

Artist: Dmitri Aske

Curator: Sabina Chagina (Winzavod CCA)

Producer: Julia Vasilenko

Manufacturing: Basebeauty 

Full production

This machine was commissioned by the Rukami Festival, en event for young engineers, which is why this project is so unlike the others; here all the complexity is turned outward instead of being decorated with beautiful cladding.
This project was born out of a request to do something big and unusual. It turned out to be personal - a metaphor for the journey of a young man in the pursuit of knowledge through doubt and failure. 
I called two amazing professionals to work on this project. Because each of them put their unique skills into the project, we were able to convey this story through the work of the machine. 

Manufacturer: Alexey Ivanchenko
Narrator: Nastassja Popova

Full production

It was a small but very enjoyable project.

Artist: thundergirl_xtal

Curators: Julia Yousma, Alexey Ryumin
Production: Me